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ESP: LTD EC-407 [Reviews] + MORE

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music with heart - Bellingham Herald


music with heart - Bellingham HeraldBellingham Heraldmusic with heartBellingham HeraldLead singer for local indie rock bands China Davis and Fear Train Caravan, Fuller began the 253Heart Music and Arts Festival three years ago as a fundraiser at The Swiss after the Lakewood police shootings. Now it's evolved into a Tacoma-centric music ...

Fingerstyle Part I: Malaguena [Lessons]


Guitar Techniques: "Tone is in your fingers" - this idea enters another deeper dimension when it's applied to fingerstyle on a nylon string guitar.

Music, faith, humor meet in 'Tokens' - The Tennessean (blog)


Music, faith, humor meet in 'Tokens' - The Tennessean (blog)The Tennessean (blog)Music, faith, humor meet in 'Tokens'The Tennessean (blog)Camp, a professor of theology and ethics at Lipscomb University, had this notion about combining music and theology, about offering up songs and academic inquiry in a way that wouldn't be sacrilegious or patronizing or dumbed-down or cheesy...

ESP: LTD EC-407 [Reviews]


Electric Guitars: This guitar is loaded with all the necessary features for a solid look and an even better sound. I would recommend this guitar to anyone looking for a 7 string model, or just a new guitar to add to the collection. It looks great, feels great, and sounds amazing.


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music with heart - Bellingham Herald -
Fingerstyle Part I: Malaguena [Lessons] -
Music, faith, humor meet in 'Tokens' - The Tennessean (blog) -
ESP: LTD EC-407 [Reviews] -

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