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Music to Oshkosh’s ears – The Oshkosh Northwestern + MORE

You need a hookup. Of course this is the most crucial thing when you have determined to opt for online tutoring. Next on the listing is your guitar. Choose the right guitar. There are only two kinds to choose from-- acoustic or electric.

Beginner Intervals [Lessons]


For Beginners: An absolute beginner lesson about finding your intervals based on a root note. Remember, if you got lost, don't feel discouraged, just scroll back up to see where you got lost!

Music to Oshkosh's ears - The Oshkosh Northwestern


Music to Oshkosh's earsThe Oshkosh NorthwesternThat's the goal behind a new concert series launching this Saturday at the Algoma Club, 103 Algoma Blvd., in downtown Oshkosh. The 2012 Oshkosh Music Artist Series will entertain and help raise funds to support music education in Oshkosh public schools.

Graveyard: Lights Out [Reviews]


Compact Discs: Released: Oct 26, 2012. Genre: Hard rock, Psychedelic Rock, Blues Rock, Heavy Metal. Label: Nuclear Blast Records. Number Of Tracks: 9. A mixing of hard rock, psychedelic rock, blues rock. It's really impressive for any fan of those, also, how the production recreated that 70's sounding perfectly.


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Beginner Intervals [Lessons] -
Music to Oshkosh's ears - The Oshkosh Northwestern -
Graveyard: Lights Out [Reviews] -

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